Learn how to interface with the official backend tools provided by your favourite games. You don’t have to be a professional developer to use these services. You can enhance your gameplay with lookup charts, mining ledgers, progress monitors and more.

Do you know what services your favourite games provide?

Most modern games have developer API services. These provide a valuable source of official entertainment, for people who feel the urge to hack or mod a game. Modern games encourage a healthy interest in their game data if it is controlled through official services. Most community developed tools are a great boost to their game.

Most of today’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are REST based services, with OAuth-like authentication handshakes. Once you have the code for one game API, you’ll have a template for most others too. To access these services, games usually ask you to register on the developer site and get a key for your API access. It’s always free and painless. An automatic key is usually generated there and then. No waiting for approval, or acceptance.

Then you ask.. “How can I monitor data, or host a community tool?”

That’s where the cloud comes in, for anyone – not just developers. Free services that can run scheduled checks and free website allowance for any startup community initiative. The tools in Azure are so simple, a few clicks and some crafty cut and pastes from other examples are all that it takes.